Marriage Intensive

Goal-focused sessions that will allow you to:

  • Build momentum quickly with a laser-focused, concentrated approach to working on your relationship.
  • Remove distractions and strip away the starts & stops of traditionally structured therapy by exploring your relationship in this accelerated format.
  • Identify the root of your relationship issues quickly, allowing you to begin working on the solutions that much sooner.
  • Receive direct feedback from a “tell it like it is” relationship expert who is rooting for you and your marriage.
  • Make significant progress that otherwise could take months to achieve.
  • Leverage on-going support post-intensive to ensure lasting change.

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Meet The Accelerated Team

Kim Bowen

LPC & Founder/CEO

Kim opened The Marriage Place in Richardson, Texas in 2013 because she has a heart for those who feel hopelessly unhappy and stuck in their marriages. Kim was the one who wanted out of her marriage and for years she built-up resentment and anger at her spouse.

Kim knows from experience how having a bad marriage counselor can hurt your chances for survival so she has spent years training with the top experts in the marriage counseling field and has brought that training back to her team members. The Marriage Place has become known for its exceptional work with even the toughest of cases. This is the place where other therapists refer their clients when they can’t do anything more with them. We are proud of that reputation and we are here to help you have a more satisfying, loving relationship.

Many people contact us and want to know if we can work with them even though they live in another state or country. To help reach this long-distance population we offer coaching over phone or Skype. Please check out our coaching division here for more information on how to work with us even if you don’t live in the Dallas area.

Mary Potenti


Relationships are important---Individuals are wired to seek connection, making relationships vitally important to our well being. Mary's therapeutic work focuses on supporting young adults to long-term couples with relationship challenges and life stage/transitional issues. She will help you identify new patterns of interaction and communication and give couples the tools they need to help them heal, work though trauma and build closer, more satisfying relationships. Mary has extensive experience in helping couples who parent special needs children, recognizing the extra care and sometimes stressors that go with that role. She also enjoys working with blended families. Mary holds certifications in both trauma and addiction work and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Mary is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been in practice for more than 16 years. Contact Mary to begin your journey towards a healthier relationship.

Other specialties include certification in trauma treatment, work with blended families, plus guidance in overall healthier coping tools and life skills addressing mood disorders such as depression or anxiety. Mary secured a certification in alcohol and other drugs (AOD), worked at both inpatient and outpatient settings, plus has been contracted by dozens of schools to assist youth with their emotional and behavioral needs, including transition into college. Mary is a licensed marriage and family therapist; Contact Mary to begin the transformation and healing process.

Susan Rutledge


Married for over 30 years and a mom to four kids gives Susan the unique insight into how parenting can leave marriages in need of more TLC. She can help you reconnect with your spouse in ways that rejuvenate you and give you energy to handle the busy life you already have with solid communication skills at the core of it all. Susan’s work also focuses on clients struggling to cope, heal and move on after infidelity rocks the foundation of their relationship. She helps couples regain their footing after the initial trauma of discovery, explore what, if anything, made the relationship vulnerable to the affair (either physical or emotional), and then determine the best path for moving forward.

Some research estimates that approximately 60-75% of couples faced with infidelity decide to stay married. Let Susan help you build a relationship that is stronger than it ever was before.

How It Works


Ask + Apply

Intensives are not suitable for every couple, so we want to answer your questions and review your situation before we book your Intensive or take your payment. You can call or email us to learn more and a short application process can be found on our site. If our accelerated program is not the best fit, we will match you with one of our other programs that better suit your needs.


Book Appointment

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we will reach out to schedule your Intensive and take half payment to hold your date(s). The remaining balance will be due 2 weeks prior to your appointment. If you are traveling from out of town, we will provide you with a list of accommodations in our area (Please note travel expenses are not included in price).


Complete Intake

Next, you’ll be given instructions to register and complete your intake paperwork. This includes a very detailed assessment to be completed in advance which will allow us to more fully understand the dynamics of your relationship and appropriately prepare a custom Intensive plan just for you and your relationship situation.

Find Your Fit

1-day Intensive

We will deep dive into your relationship to show you exactly where you are and why you got there. We will work quickly and efficiently to help you understand your relationship dynamics and the roles you each play in them. We will help you gain clarity about the things you are questioning and communicate a blueprint for how to move forward. Some also choose to use a 1-Day Intensive to decide if they should stay in the relationship and work on it, or leave it. We will provide you with the next steps to continue the work with one of our counselors or coaches to further your progress. A 1-Day Intensive is 6 hours of focused attention and equal to the work typically accomplished in 8 traditional sessions.

Pricing starts at $2,000

2-day Intensive

Some couples want and need more time. Two days allows us to move deeper into your relationship dynamics and help you find the motivation & strength for change. You will also have more time to interact with each other in a safe environment, using the new tools you’ve learned. Even after two full days, you can expect the aftercare recommendations to include continued work with one of our counselors or coaches (either onsite or online) to further your progress. A 2-day Intensive is equal to the work typically accomplished in 3-4 months of weekly therapy. **Your completed application will help our team determine whether to recommend a 1-Day or 2-Day Intensive as the best fit for you.

Pricing starts at $4,000

Mini-Intensive (Half-Day)

This is a great option for busy executives or anyone who wants to build momentum without having to rearrange their schedules for weekly sessions. These half-day sessions are a great way to jumpstart your therapy, reduce weekly sessions into a longer format, or handle a particularly difficult topic in one sitting. You can schedule a Mini-Intensive as often as you like, but bi-weekly tends to be the most common frequency. A Mini-Intensive is 3 hours and equal to the work typically accomplished in 4-5 traditional sessions.

Pricing starts at $1,000

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