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The Marriage Place helps Rescue, Repair, and Refresh relationships through our leading online and onsite programs.


Rescue + Repair


Transform your relationship in a place, time, and manner that fits right where you are right now. Our online coaching/counseling offers you the opportunity to work through your relationship from the comfort of your own home and at the convenience of your schedule. During this time, your coach creates a customized plan to help you and your relationship and guides you through the journey.

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Begin transforming your relationship through in-person, face-to-face interactions with a licensed therapist. Experience a more intimate connection along with a more hands-on feel to counseling. Onsite also allows you a chance to get out of your current environment and into an open, safe space that allows you to securely work through stuff.

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If you’re looking for a laser-focused, intensive approach to transforming your relationship, then accelerated is the way to go. Our accelerated program allows you to continue momentum and progress, without the start and stops of traditional therapy, and therefore see results in a quicker timeframe. We also offer both 1- and 2-day intensive programs to best fit your needs, lifestyle and schedule and get you started on the right track.

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Find the marriage resources you need to transform your relationship and your life. From communication to romance, family to forgiveness, our blog gives you the advice, knowledge and content to start working on and in your marriage.



Tune in as we guide you through some of the biggest topics in marriage and making relationships work. Our goal is to be a trusted source that helps you learn and begin to  transform your marriage, one episode at a time.

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Take a break from the busyness of life and transform your marriage in a safe and relaxing environment. Our marriage retreats are the perfect time to open up, look inside, identify the root of the problem, and then work towards a flourishing relationship together.

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