How To Have More Fun In Your Marriage

September 1, 2022

As adults, one of the things we don’t engage in enough is self-care. These are the things that we do regularly that allow us to show up well, as our best selves, for all the responsibilities we have like our job or parenting.

Self-Care vs. Play

Most of us try to get a good night’s sleep. We may attempt to eat well. We try to get physical exercise. All of those things provide us the opportunity to do our best in the responsibilities that we have. But let’s be honest. A lot of times they’re not fun. We do them because we know that we need to, but they’re not really joyful. That’s the difference between self-care and play.

Adults Forget To Play

Kids are great at play! They do it all the time. It’s how they learn. It’s how they discover things and use their creativity. But as adults, we don’t engage in play that often. We don’t think we have time. We think it’s for kids. It’s not for responsible adults that have a lot to do. But here’s the truth. Adults need playtime too! Adding play into your own life and into your marriage can make a huge difference.

What Does Play Look Like In Marriages

Play is an activity that we do only for fun. We don’t care how we look. We lose track of time. Maybe it’s exploring, going hiking with your partner. Maybe you like adventure and trips with your partner. Those things bring a lot of joy into your relationship.

Find things that are fun just for the sake of being fun and try doing those with your partner!

How healthy is your marriage?

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