Harnessing Your Power: Focusing on What You Can Control

September 27, 2022

When we focus on the things we can control, we have more power over our own life. We also feel more in control of our future and how it’s going to turn out. Likewise, when we outsource that power and control, we lose it and therefore will feel out of control – like everything outside of us will determine our future.

Shifting Your Focus

One of the things that you can do today to feel healthier is to focus your attention on the things over which you actually have influence. That could be how you show up in your relationships. How you think about things, the words you choose to use, the boundaries that you have and set. We each have full control over how we think and what we say and how we behave.

Notice the focus is always inward. Why? Because you can’t control how other people think, how they may feel or how they respond to you. You can only do you!

So what are YOU going to do differently? What are you going to change about how you think about your life? About what’s important to you? About how you show up in the relationships in your life? What are you going to do differently to feel better?

Dealing with Disappointment

When people are disappointing us, it can be hard to focus on anything else. But we need to, because focusing on how other people are showing up, or maybe not showing up, leaves us powerless. It leaves us stuck.

When we focus on our own choices and focus more on how we show up, we feel healthier. We feel more empowered. We can make decisions. We can make change.

So remember….we do have control over our own lives even in difficult circumstances. Shift your focus to yourself and begin showing up as your best self.

How healthy is your marriage?

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