Is your “Team” ready for the Super Bowl? 8 Ways Marriage is like Football

Februray 11, 2022

Your wedding day is not the championship. It’s not a win to make it down the aisle and say “I Do.” Your “Super Bowl” is defeating your biggest opponent yet – DIVORCE. Here are some things your “Team” aka you and your spouse will need:

1. Coach

Who’s your coach? Your therapist. Make sure it’s a good one. If your goal is to fight for your marriage you need one who is pro-marriage! (Hint: WE ARE!)

2. A Play Book

What you need in marriage is solid offense and defense! Check out Kim’s video on ideas for your playbook. 

3. Quarterback

The lead of your offense. The one who directs the play. Someone in the marriage needs to be ready to show up and keep the team on the right path. Get your partner engaged. When issues arise, keep your head and stay calm. 

4. Running Back

A good Running Back knows how to avoid being tackled. Know the potential triggers for trouble in your relationship. 

5. Wide Receiver

Do you know the signs and signals from your partner when they are seeking a bid for attention, affection, or comfort? Learn the “routes” and be able to catch the pass and deliver!

6. Huddle

Mistakes in your marriage will happen. You’re going to have fumbles and missed passes. Take the time to come together and huddle. Learn from the mistakes and create a game plan for moving forward. 

7. Strong defense

Have good boundaries from things that could hurt your relationship – in-laws, outside interests, etc. 

8. Touchdown

Know how to score with your partner! Emotionally as well as physically. What makes your spouse feel loved and appreciated? Hurt and alone? What fills their love tank?

Relationships work like any other partnership or team. You need skills, guidance, and an attitude of collaboration to make it successful. Feelings are great, but they only get you so far. 

How healthy is your marriage?

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