5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Marriage

December 23, 2021

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The start of the new year usually signifies new beginnings. For most, this may normally be for personal resolutions like losing weight, reading more, or saving money. However, don’t forget about your marriage! Make 2022 is the year you intentionally give your marriage a little TLC.  Here are 5 resolutions you can make for your marriage:

  1. Try Something New Together Each Month
    • Keep it simple and doable if you have young kids. 
    • Ideas: a bible study for couples (Kim wrote a great one here, go for a bike ride in the neighborhood, take an online dancing course. 
  2. Create A Morning Ritual To Start Your Day Together
    • Wake up just 10 minutes earlier than usual. Spend time waking up together or sharing a cup of coffee while discussing your plans for the day. For example, I snuggle John for 10 minutes every morning before we start our day.  I roll over, lie on his chest and we ask each other how we slept and what is on tap for the day. Sometimes we ask Alexa to play Jeopardy and that’s how we start our day – TOGETHER. 
  3. Check-In Throughout the Day
    • Find a few informal minutes in the morning or afternoon to check-in with your spouse. Send them a text or give them a quick call and share something about your day with one another. No expectation or judgements about what or how much the other chooses to share. The goal is to promote conversation. 
  4. Schedule Date Nights
    • Commit to a standing date night for just you and your spouse at least once a month. Put them on your calendar now for all 12 months and stick to them. Remember, date nights don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. 
  5. Make After Work PDA a habit. 
    • Many couples come home and do not even greet each other. Stop! It’s another touch point. Give them a kiss and a welcome home before you do anything else. Even before acknowledging the kids and the dogs. Seems like a small thing, but over time it will have a big impact. 

Try these changes for the month of January and revisit how you feel about your spouse and your marriage. Let us know the comments which resolutions you tried and what worked best for you.

How healthy is your marriage?

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