February 6, 2020
Sometimes it’s hard to find the right Valentine’s Day gift. Chocolates and candy are overdone, and jewelry can get awfully expensive.  But there are some unique opportunities to show your significant other how much you care. The following are some great gift options for your spouse this year during Valentine’s Day. 

Marital Bliss Card Game

This week-long card game rewards you for doing kind things for one another. It’s a great way to do something good for your relationship in a healthy and fun way. 

Love Note Coffee Sleeve

This fully functional knitted coffee sleeve is a great way to keep your hand from getting burned, while also leaving a pocket for the perfect love note. Who doesn’t love a sweet message with their morning coffee?

Heart Snapshot Mixed Photo Art

Too often, we keep our memories on our phones, computers or social media. Surprise your Valentine with a collage of memories turned into a beautiful piece of art. This sentimental gift will surely tug on their heart strings.

Collar Stays

The stainless steel collar stay is a great gift for guys that want their collar to always look perfect. They are inexpensive and include a loving message engraved on them. The perfect inexpensive gift for this Valentine’s Day while also meaningful. 

Love, Joy, Peace Workbook

Marriage is a loving commitment we make to our spouses―and to God. The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook: A Couples Bible Study teaches you to strengthen your bond through communication, care, and the study of God’s Word. This inspirational, interactive couples Bible study created by The Marriage Place will help you grow in love, faith, and happiness.

NoPhone Couples Cure

As seen on Shark Tank, the NoPhone is exactly that…it’s no phone! While it may look and feel like a phone, it’s just a piece of plastic. It might seem a little silly but it’s meant to break your phone addiction. If you plan a night out with your spouse, then spend the entire time checking your phone, you aren’t truly connecting. So, the next time you two go out, you can keep your NoPhone in your pocket for the secure feeling you get by carrying your phone, but without the distraction of the real thing. It’s the perfect way to show them how much you value quality time with them. 

Cork Globe 

The cork globe gives you both a way to track where you’ve been and/or where you want to go. It’s a fully functional globe made entirely of cork. A great conversation piece for sure and a fun way to connect over the places you would like to visit some day. 

Wedding Song Lyrics

This fully customizable decorative wall art takes the lyrics to your wedding song (or any song that you consider “yours”) and sets it in a beautiful frame. A beautiful gesture this Valentine’s Day.  

An Experience 

Experiences are what make life worth living. Maybe you both have a shared hobby, or you want to explore something different and exciting together. Make lasting memories this Valentine’s Day. 

The Night Sky 

Another fully customizable gift is decorative, framed wall art that shows what the sky looked like on the most special night of your life. Was it your wedding day? The day you met? Or perhaps the night your children were born. You can capture it, frame it and keep it forever. 

Sweat Together

Give the gift of ClassPass and workout together. There are classes available that help you decompress and put all your stress into being fit and staying active. Depending upon your relationship, it can be the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. 

Morrocan Magic

This highly rated lip balm is a must have during the dry winter months. Kissable lips, need we say more? 

Cozy Blanket

Not just any blanket will do. A cozy blanket is a great gift for your loved one. Imagine the two of you sharing that blanket while spending some quality time together watching your favorite movie or drinking your morning coffee. 

Marriage Savvy

Give you and your partner the gift of building a stronger, healthier and happier relationship together all year round. When you become a member of our Marriage Savvy membership, you get access to content each month that will guide you in creating a more satisfying and connected relationship. Plus as a member of Marriage Savvy you get access to several “not available anywhere else” perks! Join our waitlist and be the first to know when we launch! If you would like additional support with transforming your marriage into the relationship you  desire, contact us. Scheduling some sessions might just be the best gift you can give your relationship. Your marriage is our passion and we are here to help.

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