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How To Tell Your Spouse You Cheated

how to tell your spouse you cheated If you used the ever popular Ashley Madison site you may soon be busted. Hackers have gained access to millions of names and they are threatening releasing these names to the public if the site isn’t shut down.  Ashley Madison makes millions of dollars a year.  They aren’t […]

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Can I Forgive My Spouse?

Forgive my spouse? Really? If you are married, you have to learn how to forgive your spouse.  It is impossible to live with another human being for very long without someone getting hurt. But sometimes we are faced with a situation that goes far beyond the normal day-to-day grievances…like an affair. Forgiveness is tricky business. […]

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Are They Really “Just Friends”?

“I am telling you, we are just friends! Why don’t you trust me?” Your gut tells you one thing, your partner tells you another. Explanations of all the incoming texts, the heavily guarded phone, and late night social media sessions don’t quite add up. Your partner is adamant there is nothing going on you should […]

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