Why intensive counseling may be just what your marriage needs

October 17, 2019

2…. Glorious…. Days….

It made my day when a client used these words to describe their recent Couples Intensive experience. She also called it a “game changer” for her and her husband – something I’ve heard from other couples, but nevertheless, thrills me each and every time I hear it!

I love my job! Helping couples who are struggling find hope brings me great joy. I especially love working with couples in an Intensive format. Why? Because I believe the Intensive format allows me to do some of my very best work. With an Intensive, the 3 of us – the couple and me – spend the day together laser-focused exclusively on their relationship. We can take conversations deeper and get to root causes much more quickly, which in turn builds positive momentum and hope for the couple. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness a couple make months of progress in just a one or two-day Intensive, and it fuels my passion for this work. 

I also love that no two Intensives are alike. Not every couple comes into an Intensive with the same needs or goals in mind, so I customize each Intensive to best suit the couple with which I’m working. It’s an intuitive process, designed to ensure each couple gets a unique, personalized experience that gives them the tools and knowledge they need to make positive changes in their relationship.

Though I believe an Intensive truly can be a game-changer, it’s important that I mention what it’s not. It’s not a one & done, nor is it a quick fix or a magic pill for your marriage. If only those existed! 

The reality is they don’t. Most couples wait years …YEARS (The average is 6!) …. before seeking help for their marriage. That’s a lot of time to create wounds, unhealthy habits, and build resentment – painful things you can’t completely undo in a matter of hours. What an Intensive CAN be though, is a HUGE first step. We can clearly identify the source of the pain in your relationship, tackle the unhealthy patterns you are in, make repairs, and begin the healing and recovery process. We can also establish a roadmap to ensure the progress you make isn’t just temporary. 

I’ve had couples travel from both coasts and many places in between to do an Intensive with me. We also have many local clients who decide an Intensive is the best structure for the relationship work they need to do.  If a Couples Intensive sounds just like what your relationship needs, please call my office to learn more. A member of my team will answer your questions and determine if an Intensive is the right fit for you. If it is, we can provide you with available dates, discuss next steps, and help you book it.

Because of the amount of time they require, we offer a limited number of Intensives and they typically book quickly. I offer Couples Intensives on Thursdays and Fridays, and two other therapists on my team offer them on alternate days to accommodate those who need a different schedule.

Ready to make an investment in your relationship? Schedule a free Discovery Call now to learn more.


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