Focusing intensively on your relationship can move it along further and faster.

Always work hard. Intensity clarifies. It creates not only momentum, but also the pressure you need to feel either friction, or fulfillment.
Marcus Buckingham

A Couples Intensive (or “Marriage Intensive”) provides a format designed to allow the two of you to laser-focus on your relationship…. and take a major step toward saving your marriage.

You’ll get quicker results by getting to the root of your issues much quicker. The condensed, accelerated format of an Intensive strips away the starts and stops necessitated by traditionally-structured therapy, making it particularly effective in helping couples make significant progress that otherwise could take months to achieve.

Choose between 1 and 2 full days of personalized counseling – just the two of you and your counselor – complete with customized support and guidance. It’s the equivalent of months of therapy in a thorough, concentrated coaching session.

We saw 5 counselors before we found Kim and we learned more in one session with her than we did with all the others combined. Just wish we had found her sooner!

We offer relationship coaching to any location in the world.
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A Couples Intensive is the perfect for you if:

  • You are struggling in your relationship and are at the end of your rope
  • You don’t want to spend months in therapy sessions to make significant process (or have already gone that route without major success or breakthroughs)
  • You simply don’t have the time or patience FOR all those gradual steps that are taken in typical weekly sessions.
  • You yearn for proven results and solutions to marriage problems you’ve had for years
  • You are in a marriage where one spouse wants out or is not sure he/she wants to work on the marriage (but you do!)
  • You are on the brink of divorce and you want to restore what you once had or learn how to effectively co-parent
  • You have experienced infidelity and want to heal and move past the trauma

My wife wanted out and nothing I did could convince her to change her mind. But of course, I was doing all the wrong things. Kim helped us see that there was still something left worth fighting for. Now we are using our tools and life gets better every day.

Sometimes the pain is so bad, you want an immediate, yet lasting, solution.

You don’t want to wade through months of counseling sessions to get to the heart of the problem. Or be interrupted by other obligations like kids, phone calls and work.

You want proven, effective results and tools you can put to work within days instead of months.

From a Couples Intensive, you can expect:

  • Increased clarity on what has happened in your marriage and how both of you contributed to where you are now
  • Creative solutions to problems that have kept you stuck in repeating patterns of conflict
  • Perspective and understanding of what you both want and need in the future
  • And for many couples, a renewed optimism and a roadmap to a more fulfilling relationship

Kim, you sure know how to dive in and get right to the heart of the matter. But you did it in a way that was non-threatening to both of us. My husband worried he would be the “bad guy” because he had the affair but you managed to be direct in a way that didn’t make him want to run away. I truly think that made all the difference.

Couples Intensives are life-changing experiences!

A Couples Intensive is designed to bring you closer together. Or help you decide what your next step should be.

Your decision can have permanent, long-lasting consequences, so you need to be sure you have looked at every angle.

If a divorce is imminent, learning how to effectively and collaboratively co-parent is essential to your children’s mental and emotional health. I can show you how to do that in ways that honor the dignity and respect of both parents.

The bottom line is that whatever happens in your marriage, a Marriage Intensive will be an important investment and help you be certain you have no regrets.

Learn more from Kim about Marriage Intensives.

Kim, Thank you for helping me see how I have been getting in my own way with my marriage by over-analyzing, ruminating and focusing on destructive or negative thought patterns. I really needed a reality check. You gave me the strategies to cope/manage/adjust and I can’t thank you enough.

Kim is more than your run of the mill counselor. To see Kim work her craft is pure magic. My jaw literally dropped in awe at times as I watched Kim’s magical style of asking questions, digging deep, deploying individualized strategies, and controlling both participants in a firm non-offensive manner. She delivers honest, pragmatic, direct advice that empowers us as a couple. As unbelievable as it sounds, our intensive with Kim was actually an enjoyable experience for us both. It is not a scorecard approach of who was wronged the most.It is an approach to rebuild both of you to your best selves, repairing communication and then deciding if this relationship is enough for you. – J.D.

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