Vitamin B Complex…The New Prozac?

There is much research to validate the question.  Treatment resistant depression is hard to deal with for patients and their practioners.  Doctors try to boost serotonin with chemicals but not every patient responds to drug therapy.  Patients begin to feel even more hopeless as they try unsuccessfully to function in their lives even as more meds are added. I’ve done some of my own research on the effectiveness of anti-depressants and my conclusions are an entire series of blog posts that I am planning on in the future.  But I didn’t want to wait to tell you what I’ve witnessed when patients simply added B Complex supplements to their diets.  I’ve seen some amazing changes.

When someone has treatment resistant depression, their doctor often tries to boost their depression meds with mood stabilizers like Depakote and Lamictal but sometimes, they just can’t seem to get over the hump.  I truly believe therapy and physical exercise are two of the most important and effective components when treating depression.  I know that changing how you think will change how you feel.  But sometimes, a client needs some extra help while the therapy is progressing.  When they tell me their meds aren’t working for them, I suggest they talk to their doctor about adding B Complex.  It sounds so simple, but I’ve seen remarkable differences in those who have tried it.  I have watched as some clients who have struggled with depression their entire lives see great improvement in their energy level and their general feelings of well-being just from adding B complex vitamins.

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There are hundreds of supporting articles you can find by doing some internet searches of your own but here is some information from the University of Maryland Medical Center on the benefits of B vitamins:

I recommend you talk to your doctor before adding vitamins or supplements of any kind as they can counteract with other meds you are taking or physical conditions you may have.



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