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I Never Loved You – How to Respond When Your Spouse Says This Hurtful Phrase

“I Never  Loved You.” If your spouse has said this to you, I’m sorry.  It is incredibly painful to hear.  At one point I said this in my own marriage, and my husband still remembers how it made him feel all these years later.  Those words devastated him.  He just couldn’t wrap his brain around them.  […]

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Abusive Behavior – Men Who Rage, Women Who Love Them – Part 2 of 2

(Read Part 1 Here) Are you the husband who rages at his wife?   Do you yell and fly off the handle when you are stressed?   Do you curse at your family and call them names? If you are, I’m worried about you, because I can see the future.   Years of working with […]

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