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One Man’s Marriage Advice to Women

One Man’s Marriage Advice to Women Ladies, I write to you as a man with the hope of helping you to understand how many men function in relationships, on behalf of men everywhere.  We need your patience.  We weren’t taught these relationship skills, and most likely, we have not witnessed them in action. This is new to […]

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Are They Really “Just Friends”?

“I am telling you, we are just friends! Why don’t you trust me?” Your gut tells you one thing, your partner tells you another. Explanations of all the incoming texts, the heavily guarded phone, and late night social media sessions don’t quite add up. Your partner is adamant there is nothing going on you should […]

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Help! I Don’t Find My Wife Attractive

Married sex is a whole different ballgame…as if sex wasn’t complicated enough. Nothing makes a woman feel less feminine than hearing her husband doesn’t find her desirable any longer. In my practice, I’ve seen many men who begin therapy because they are worried about not being attracted to their wives any more. It is certainly […]

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