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How to Avoid Valentine’s Day Disappointment This Year

Let me be frank: this upcoming Valentine’s Day may not live up to your expectations. It rarely ever does. But what if I told you it could be different? While a romantic evening with an attentive partner, a wonderful babysitter for the kids, and an endless budget for a gourmet meal might be ideal, Valentine’s […]

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The Blame Game: Why We Need to Stop Playing

Playing the blame game is poisonous Blame is poisonous for personal growth because it allows you to keep the focus on someone else. Even worse, it forces you in a victim position because you can’t control the person you are blaming. That means you have no control over the painful situation and keeps you stuck. […]

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Men: The Rules of Marriage Have Changed

You’ve suddenly found yourself being told by your wife that your marriage is over.  She doesn’t love you anymore. You are stunned. You still love her very much and you thought things were fine.  Yes, you have had your arguments but you had no idea she would consider it so bad she would want to […]

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