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What Not Having Sex Does to Your Marriage

Not Having Sex A lot of couples I see in my office eventually end up sharing that they’re not having sex. Lately, I’m seeing a lot of angry, shut down men. That’s a good clue for what is really going on. When a couple isn’t having sex, it is usually the wives who initiate therapy. They […]

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Marriage Problems? You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling. Here’s How to fix it.

So many of the marriage problems I see are because one spouse just doesn’t “FEEL” in love anymore. So you think you’ve lost that loving feeling? I don’t mean to be disrespectful…but so what? This won’t be my most popular post, and I am expecting some backlash but I can’t hold this in any longer.   […]

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Want a Healthy Marriage? Insightful Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

This week I’ve rounded up several articles that I think are really insightful about a healthy marriage, relationships and the hard work of keeping a marriage healthy.  I invite you to read these posts and the latest from our blog, listed at the end of this roundup. As always, we’re here to help you strengthen your […]

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