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Here at The Marriage Place, we offer a variety of services to suit a range of issues.
Whether you seek relationship counseling, individual counseling or other counseling services, you’ve come to the right place.

Not located nearby?

No worries. We can help you from any location.

Couples Counseling

Love is a great place to start but it certainly isn’t all you need. At The Marriage Place we bring both of you together to retool your relationship into something bigger, better, and far more powerful.

Couples Coaching

It may take two to build a satisfying marriage, but it only takes one who is willing to change to turn a marriage away from divorce. If you are in a marriage you want to save but your spouse is ready to call it quits, we can help you fight for your relationship the right way.

Relationship Intensives

This 1 or 2 full days of custom, laser-focused therapy can be a game changer for a couple needing creative solutions and wanting to make significant relationship progress that otherwise could take months to achieve.

Relationship Counseling for One

Even though our primary focus is couples, we know it takes two healthy individuals to make a healthy relationship. And that may mean focusing on just you – whether it’s your stuff that’s in the way or you have a spouse who isn’t ready for help.

3 Day Breaking Free Workshop

Described by many as “transformational” and “life changing”, our 3-Day Breaking Free Workshop provides a safe place for you to explore emotional wounds from childhood trauma and release the painful emotions that are impacting your relationships.

Discernment Counseling

“Stay-or-Go” counseling designed specifically for couples who are contemplating divorce but want to be certain they’ve fully explored and evaluated all their options before making a permanent decision with long-term consequences.

Premarital Counseling

Great marriages don’t just happen. Build a better marriage by laying a strong foundation. Explore your custom road map to a strong, satisfying and sustainable marriage so your I Do doesn’t become an I Don’t.