The odds aren’t great…

The American Psychological Association states up to 40% of divorces in the United States are the result of cheating.

The sense of betrayal, roller-coaster emotions and mind-numbing confusion can be too much to take.

You might think getting out is the easiest solution.

But what if there was a way to avoid being a statistic?

What if instead of your relationship ending up on the junkpile of broken marriages, you were able to put it back together even better than before ?

This ebook will help you save your marriage and your sanity when your spouse cheats.

After you read it, you’ll feel more confident, less stressed and have a clear path to creating a stronger and more committed marriage.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 22 pages of insight from my 10 years of counseling
  • 2 in-depth worksheets to help you cut through the confusion and take action with what you learn
  • The top 2 reasons you shouldn’t spy on your spouse and what to do instead
  • The real reason your spouse is lashing out at you and how to handle the negativity
  • What to do if your spouse is completely obsessed with the other person
  • Why not setting boundaries can actually push your partner farther away
  • Why not setting boundaries can actually push your partner farther away
  • How to know if you should separate so you aren’t relying on emotion alone for such an impactful decision
  • 6 steps to repairing the relationship so you can start healing together
  • 3 simple tips for rebuilding a foundation of trust so you can let go of the gnawing anxiety keeping you up at night
  • 3 non-negotiables for moving forward together that will help you know you’re partner is ready and able to recommit
  • And much more!

Need some proof that we know what we’re doing?

Here’s what people a lot like you had to say:

“When I found out my husband was having an affair with his assistant, I was devastated…then I was furious. I didn’t think I could ever forgive him or trust him. I kept having flashbacks to images I conjured up after getting as much as I could force out of him. You kept telling me we could get past this but I had a hard time believing you. Three years later and we are going strong. Thank you for walking with us through the most difficult journey of our lives. We couldn’t have made it without you.”

“I just had to take a few moments to say ‘thank you’ for what you did for me and especially for us. You were indeed a God send, when all was lost, you were injected into our lives. You drove hard and forced me/us to deal with life-changing issues and deal with myself, someone I really didn’t know. Even in tough sessions, your tender heart and true compassion showedthrough. I will be forever grateful for all you did under the true guidance of the Lord. Words cannot say enough or the right thing that would express my appreciation. Thank you for new life and a renewed marriage.

“No one thinks it will happen to them. I am married to a great guy who is the last person anyone would think would have an affair. I thought my 19 year marriage was over but I’m finding out even good marriages can have infidelity. This is hard, I won’t lie but we are both committed to fixing this and staying together. Thank you TMP. We are both fans for life.”

No matter how bleak things look now, your marriage can survive – and thrive – like so many others we have helped.

Get the tools you need, and let’s fix this together.

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