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Goal-focused sessions that will allow you to:

  • Work on your relationship through in-person consultative sessions with a licensed counselor who is specially trained as a pro-marriage expert.
  • Explore sensitive topics comfortably in the privacy of a neutral, safe space, free of the distractions at home.
  • Recognize the harmful cycles causing stress and conflict in your relationship and more importantly, address them with the support of a pro-marriage therapist.
  • Access specialists in the areas of trauma, addiction, and other pathologies.
  • Leverage your insurance benefits (where eligible) with the option to self-file reimbursement claims for your sessions with a counselor.
  • Establish a partnership with a therapist who can provide on-going support throughout all phases of your relationship.

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Meet The Onsite Team

Kim Bowen

LPC & Founder/CEO

Kim opened The Marriage Place in Richardson, Texas in 2013 because she has a heart for those who feel hopelessly unhappy and stuck in their marriages. Kim was the one who wanted out of her marriage and for years she built-up resentment and anger at her spouse.

Kim knows from experience how having a bad marriage counselor can hurt your chances for survival so she has spent years training with the top experts in the marriage counseling field and has brought that training back to her team members. The Marriage Place has become known for its exceptional work with even the toughest of cases. This is the place where other therapists refer their clients when they can’t do anything more with them. We are proud of that reputation and we are here to help you have a more satisfying, loving relationship.

Many people contact us and want to know if we can work with them even though they live in another state or country. To help reach this long-distance population we offer coaching over phone or Skype. Please check out our coaching division here for more information on how to work with us even if you don’t live in the Dallas area.

David J. Bryan


Marriage is always a work in progress, though the journey for each of us has its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s a casual walk hand-in-hand and sometimes it’s a grueling grind through the mud. David has experienced both of these extremes in his own 24-year marriage and has compassion and wisdom for those who are disillusioned, disconnected and questioning. In a relationship that was deeply impacted by childhood abuse, trauma, addiction and dysfunction, David and his wife learned to restore intimacy and communication through their own on-going efforts to find health and healing. A catalyst for change in the family dynamic was the diagnosis of his oldest son with High Functioning Autism (otherwise known as Asperger’s Syndrome), OCD and ADD. After years of living in an empty relationship, he now understands the loneliness and pain of this prison as well as the keys to freedom and a fulfilling marriage.

Whether it is confronting personal demons such as trauma or addiction, improving your connection with your spouse or rescuing your marriage from the brink of divorce, David can help you find solutions and hope. He can teach and equip you to effectively fight for transformation in your marriage. Marriage can be far more than just conflict, more than feeling criticized daily, more than roommates sharing a home, more than feeling emotionally abandoned, more than feeling trapped and destined for marital misery. If you want to fight for something more and discover a purpose and passion in your marriage, David would be privileged to be your guide on this journey.

Elsa Davis


Elsa is dually licensed as both a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. She is passionate about working with couples and advocating for marriage. Elsa enjoys working with couples in all stages of their relationship - from dating to the golden years, from the introduction of children to an empty nest. She is also motivated to help couples navigate difficult life events such as emotional disengagement and relationship traumas including infidelity or mental health disorders.

Elsa graduated with honors in her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy program and is now approaching nearly a decade in practice. She has been extensively trained in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), one modality designed to help couples heal from past or current distress. Elsa and her husband have been married for 12 years and have 4 children. She has learned not only through her training, but also through her own marriage, how both difficult and rewarding marriage can be, as they too have successfully weathered their fair share of marital ups and downs. Elsa is bilingual and offers therapy both in English and Spanish.

Patty Evans


Couples go to marriage counseling because they want to make things better. But sometimes a couple has to learn to deal with deeper issues that can have an adverse effect on a marriage, like addiction, emotional trauma or physical abuse. If this sounds like your situation, Patty can show you how you can recapture friendship and love even in the most difficult marriages. Patty is trained in Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS), an approach designed specifically to help people overcome the damaging effects of trauma.

As your counselor, Patty travels alongside you, guiding your steps, helping you discover what is possible for your marriage. Patty’s formal training, mentoring, and life experiences from 31 years of marriage will empower you to make whatever changes are necessary to connect deeply with yourself and your spouse.

Sam John


Sam has a passion for marriage. He knows how it feels when one or both individuals want to walk away from a relationship because it seems hopeless. His passion is fueled from his personal struggles in the early years of his own marriage. When asked why he fights for marriages he stated “I understand the pain and disappointments that come when a couple’s expectations of their marriage aren’t being met. I also know, firsthand, how things can change for the better if you are willing to look at yourself in the mirror, own up to your own part in the marriage, and be willing to love your spouse and the marriage in a different way.”

Sam’s insight and passion motivated him to pursue his career in counseling. Whether you’re struggling to communicate your heart to your mate, considering divorce, constantly fighting and engaging in verbal warfare, falling out of love or just needing some guidance to make a good relationship a better one, Sam wants to be your advocate and guide for change. The possibilities for your relationship are endless if you decide to try something different. Are you ready to stop doing what is not working and find a way to transform your current situation to a new place of love, understanding and hope? Then Sam is your guy!

Mary Potenti


Relationships are important---Individuals are wired to seek connection, making relationships vitally important to our well being. Mary's therapeutic work focuses on supporting young adults to long-term couples with relationship challenges and life stage/transitional issues. She will help you identify new patterns of interaction and communication and give couples the tools they need to help them heal, work though trauma and build closer, more satisfying relationships. Mary has extensive experience in helping couples who parent special needs children, recognizing the extra care and sometimes stressors that go with that role. She also enjoys working with blended families. Mary holds certifications in both trauma and addiction work and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Mary is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been in practice for more than 16 years. Contact Mary to begin your journey towards a healthier relationship.

Other specialties include certification in trauma treatment, work with blended families, plus guidance in overall healthier coping tools and life skills addressing mood disorders such as depression or anxiety. Mary secured a certification in alcohol and other drugs (AOD), worked at both inpatient and outpatient settings, plus has been contracted by dozens of schools to assist youth with their emotional and behavioral needs, including transition into college. Mary is a licensed marriage and family therapist; Contact Mary to begin the transformation and healing process.

Susan Rutledge


Married for over 30 years and a mom to four kids gives Susan the unique insight into how parenting can leave marriages in need of more TLC. She can help you reconnect with your spouse in ways that rejuvenate you and give you energy to handle the busy life you already have with solid communication skills at the core of it all. Susan’s work also focuses on clients struggling to cope, heal and move on after infidelity rocks the foundation of their relationship. She helps couples regain their footing after the initial trauma of discovery, explore what, if anything, made the relationship vulnerable to the affair (either physical or emotional), and then determine the best path for moving forward.

Some research estimates that approximately 60-75% of couples faced with infidelity decide to stay married. Let Susan help you build a relationship that is stronger than it ever was before.

Brunna Merrill

LPC Intern (Supervised by Kim Demetri, LPC-S)

For as long as she can recall, Brunna felt the calling to help cultivate healthy marriages and families. Her experience in her own marriage further fueled that passion. When Brunna first married, like many, she had the fairy tale vision of what marriage would be. She believed nothing would ever make her want to divorce the man of her dreams. Just a few years later though - and after their fair share of major life storms - she found herself so unhappy in her marriage that she seriously contemplated calling it quits. Thankfully, her story doesn't end there.

She and her husband sought help from a trusted counselor who believed in marriage and who helped them breathe life back into their relationship, a relationship where they now each feel cherished and enjoy spending time together. Brunna loves helping her clients do the same. She has done extensive study on temperament and recognizes we are each born with temperament tendencies (In other words, 'why you do what you do') that influence how we show up and engage in relationships. Helping clients recognize, understand, and manage their own temperament tendencies provides the foundation for her work. Brunna also has a special interest in working with couples who are navigating the unique challenges of blending families. In addition to English, Brunna is fluent in Portuguese.

How It Works


Become A New Client

Call or email us and we can answer your questions and help you select a therapist best suited to meet your needs and scheduling requirements. We’ll give you access to our client portal to complete the intake process which includes a detailed assessment to be completed before your session. If you are coming in as a couple, you will each have the opportunity to complete the intake process independently to allow for complete privacy.


First Session Roadmap

The first session with your counselor will typically last 90 minutes and is focused on creating a roadmap for success for you and your relationship. Your counselor will walk through your assessment and ask some additional questions to determine what’s going on, the dynamics at play and where you need help, before laying out a plan of what you can expect from the therapy process.



Often there is something in the relationship that is causing significant pain or damage. Our first step is to “stop the bleed” by addressing this particular concern right from the start. If either you or your spouse are leaning out of the relationship, we will also try to help you clear the confusion so you can make the decision that is best for you and your family.


Break Old Habits

We each have habits, attitudes and actions that make it difficult for our partner to be in relationship with us. Your therapist is skilled at helping you deep dive into your contributions to the relationship and take immediate action to begin to repair the damage. If one or both of you is also dealing with personal issues like previous trauma, depression or addiction, we can direct you to a resource, often within our team, so the work can be coordinated seamlessly.


Build New Skills

You will learn tools and practice relational skills until they are your new normal. You’ll learn to recognize and replace ineffective cycles that are causing you stress and tension, and move into ones that make you both feel better about yourself and each other. You’ll also learn how to keep strong emotions from taking over interactions with your partner and to speak up and communicate in ways that are respectful and get results.


Staying Connected

Together, you and your therapist will map out an aftercare plan designed to ensure the changes you make stick, and that your relationship is prepared to thrive for the long haul. Your therapist may recommend once or twice a year ‘check-ins’ to revisit effective relationship skills and strategies and to address any new challenges that may arise.

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