Just because your spouse wants out doesn't mean it has to be over...

There is hope.

Many marriage experts will tell your that if your spouse wants out, your marriage is over. Not only do we not ascribe to this mindset, we’ve proven time and again to be false. The Marriage Rescue E-Book includes 20 tools you need to implement right away to start the process of saving your marriage. Purchase The Marriage Rescue E-Book today and start on the road to marriage recovery.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You fear to lose your marriage and splitting up your family
  • You feel frustrated and out of control in your relationship
  • Your spouse is acting as if they don’t care about you anymore
  • You are hearing, “I love you, but I’m not IN love with you…”
  • You are fighting hopeless feelings, anxiety or obsessive worry
  • You wonder if your spouse is having an affair… or know they are
  • Other counselors are telling you to give up on your marriage
The Marriage Rescue E-Book is a great place to start.
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"In order to change your marriage, you must first be willing to change yourself."

[ Kim Bowen, Founder and CEO of The Marriage Place ]

The Marriage Rescue E-Book

Purchase today and receive 4 Exclusive Bonus Resources

Your marriage is our passion. That is why we’ve included 4 Exclusive Bonus Resources within the Marriage Rescue E-Book created specifically to help you start on the path to marriage recovery. When you purchase The Marriage Rescue E-Book, you also will receive these bonuses: “Know When to Get Professional Help”, “Boundaries”, “Laws of Attraction”, and “Emotional Listening Exercise”. 

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