When your marriage is at risk it can turn your world upside down.

You are in a marriage you desperately want to save but your spouse has checked out. Walked away even. You’ve tried everything you know to do and yet all of it seems to push your spouse further out the door.

Fighting for your marriage when your spouse wants out can be a lonely, painful process. But you don’t have to be hopeless.

You do, however, need to be proactive. And strategic.

“Soulmates aren’t found but rather forged through negotiation, patience and forgiveness.”
Kim Bowen

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Traditional “marriage counseling” is not designed for this situation. In fact, traditional marriage counseling could even thwart your attempt at saving your marriage.

You need guidance from a professional skilled at marriage rescue – saving a marriage when one spouse has already expressed a desire to end the relationship.

“I have learned the most incredible tools. I navigated a path from the ugliest heartbroken place I’ve ever been to one of peace and communication!”

Working with one of our Marriage Coaches can help you:

  • Learn strategies to cope with the fear and anxiety you are feeling
  • Understand your role in the current problems in your marriage and how they have impacted your spouse.
  • Stop doing the things that are damaging the relationship and making things worse
  • Set healthy boundaries that protect you and the marriage
  • Make positive changes in yourself that can ultimately influence changes in your spouse and help you not repeat the same pattern in the future.

“Kim Bowen seems to have really done her homework and put together an A-list team of relationship experts.”

Our approach to Marriage Rescue is counter-cultural

Most people believe – even most therapists – that it takes two people to make a marriage work and only one to break it up. And it does, but….

It also takes only one person who is willing to change to potentially turn a marriage away from divorce. We know because we’ve seen it time and time again.

It is possible to influence someone to change their mind about divorce if you give them the evidence they need to believe things will improve. We can show you how.

Read Kim Bowen’s, Founder of The Marriage Place, personal story here.

What you can expect working with a Marriage Coach

This isn’t easy work. You should expect to be pulling all the weight on the front-end with no guarantee your spouse will be influenced by your efforts. You’ll also have to be willing to take an honest look at yourself and how you’ve been showing up in the relationship until now.

While we can’t promise an outcome, we can promise your coach will be with you every step of the way – guiding you through your journey and offering crucial feedback and support, using methods that have saved many marriages.

“I live a great distance away and yet not once did that ever matter – the support, the guidance, the help was absolutely timeless and I am so, so grateful.”

Your Location Isn’t an Issue

Whether you are our neighbor or live half way across the world, we can help you do this important work.

Our marriage coaches conduct their sessions using phone and video chat, allowing their clients from all around the globe to attend sessions in private from the location of their choosing.

Time is your biggest asset. Don’t wait to get started.

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