Focus on yourself…to build a better life, improve your relationship, and find your inner peace.

To say “I love you” one must know first how to say the “I”.
― Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Even though our primary focus is couples, we know it takes two healthy individuals to make a healthy relationship. And that may mean focusing on just you – whether it’s your stuff that’s in the way or you have a spouse who isn’t ready for help. In either case, we can help you find your voice and speak your truth in a way that is both respectful and firm.

How you think is how you feel.

It sounds so simple, but we often think our way to depression and anxiety. Our thoughts are so powerful, yet we rarely take time to notice what we are thinking.

The one-on-one support found through individual therapy can help you learn ways to cope, reduce anxiety, find more peace, and build a better you.

“I received wise counsel during a traumatic time in my life where I was encouraged to focus on myself, show positive behaviors towards my spouse, and to learn about what a good relationship should look like. I give my coach high marks for giving me valuable feedback on what I was discovering throughout the months of our appointments.”

Add Relational Tools to your Toolbox

Individual therapy is a great opportunity to take a new look at how you approach life and the challenges you face. We all have tools in our emotional and mental toolbox that help us cope with life. We “hone” these tools through life experience and observation. We aren’t born with them…we learn them.

Sometimes we face problems or situations where our current tools are insufficient. When we don’t have the right tools – or the tools need to be adapted and perfected – to deal with something effectively or in a healthy way, individual therapy is a great option. Therapy adds tools to our toolbox…and improves the ones we already have!

Individual therapy adds to your toolbox by helping you:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Find ways to handle relationship issues
  • Better connect with people in your life
  • Develop new perspectives and life skills
  • Free yourself from habitual patterns of anxiety, depression, and self-criticism
  • Learn to take responsibility and move forward
  • Cope with major events and life-changes
  • Work through challenges and concerns
  • Identify goals for living the kind of life you would like to live
  • Learn new behaviors and/or responses which may help you achieve your goals
  • Understand your thoughts, anxiety, anger, feelings and fears
  • Understand and appreciate your loved ones and their challenges

Count on personalized guidance and help.

With individual therapy from a skilled and compassionate professional, you have a safe and friendly listener who is supportive, non-judgmental, can help you work towards greater fulfillment in your life. We will help you identify and express your feelings, make necessary changes in your life, and learn ways to help yourself feel better now and in the future.

What you should expect.

If you have never been to counseling before, it’s typical to feel a bit nervous and unsure. However, our clients are often surprised at how “normal” and “comfortable” the experience is compared to what is shown on television or in the movies.

We work collaboratively with you, listening closely and without judgment. By providing you with active feedback and skillful challenges (along with a healthy dose of humor), we can help you gain insight and make positive changes. It feels like a conversation, but you’ll be surprised at how productive and healing the process can be. In fact, clients often report they begin feeling better long before their problems are solved.

“I was super nervous about proceeding with counseling. The counselor was encouraging and helped me work through some personal issues that in turn helped us (my wife and I) work through our issues.” – D.C.

Start today.

Whether your life needs a major rehab or a quick remodel, one-on-one therapy can be a great place to find personal contentment and emotional freedom.

Talk to us today…and please tell us what’s on your mind.

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