The #1 Married Couple's Online Coaching Program
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The #1 Married Couple's Online Coaching Program
We Can Help You Save Your Marriage – Even If Your Spouse Wants Out
Working with One of our Trusted marriage coaches can help you...
  •  Learn strategies to cope with your fear and anxiety
  •  Understand your roles in your marriage and how they impact your spouse
  •  Limit the damage to your relationship and stop making things worse 
  •  Set healthy boundaries that protect you and your marriage
  •  Make positive changes in yourself that can ultimately influence changes in your spouse 
  •  Avoid repeating the same patterns in the future
Helping Couples Turn Their Relationships Around Since 2013
How Changing My Mindset Saved My Marriage
From The Desk Of Kim Bowen, LPC
Richardson, TX 

From The Desk Of
Kim Bowen, LPC

Richardson, TX
I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore.

I said those fated words that make me cringe when I hear them today.

When I said those words to my husband, I believed them. I didn’t want to hurt him, but I didn’t want to live with him anymore either. 

Fast forward a few years…and I’m more in love with my husband now than ever before. What changed?

We were coachable and both of us were willing to change. 

But things didn’t get better until I stopped focusing on everything my husband wasn’t giving me and focused instead on what I could do to clean up my side of the street. 

I had to look at some hard things about myself I didn’t like but the end result was so worth the pain. We are now connected again on a deep emotional level. 

If you are in a marriage that feels distant, I hope you believe me when I tell you it isn’t hopeless. 

If your spouse is telling you that he or she wants a divorce, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up. 

It means it is time to get serious about saving YOUR marriage.

My mission is to change the way people view love and marriage. I’m taking a stand, because I’ve lived it, and I know there is hope even when it feels hopeless. 

I want to show you how you can fall in love with your spouse again…even when you think there is nothing left. 

I want to help you re-engage your spouse even when you are the only one trying. 

And I want to teach you how to divorce-proof your marriage, so you never have to go through the horrible pain of that particular loss.

You don’t have to settle when you say “I do.” Having a great marriage isn’t a great mystery. 

Let us show you how.

Get in touch with one of our online marriage coaches today! 
When Your Marriage is at Risk, It Can Turn Your Life...
Upside Down
At the Marriage Place, we want to work with you personally to make your marriage full with love again. 
Our Approach
Our approach to Marriage Rescue is counter-cultural. Most people believe – even most therapists – that it takes two people to make a marriage work and only one to break it up. But it takes only ONE person who is willing to change to potentially turn a marriage away from divorce. We can show you how!
Why Coaching
Traditional “marriage counseling” is not designed for this situation. In fact, traditional marriage counseling could even thwart your attempt at saving your marriage. You need guidance from a professional skilled at marriage rescue – and we offer remote relationship coaching to anywhere in the world. 
What to Expect
This isn’t easy work. You'll have to take a look within. While we can’t promise an outcome, we can promise your coach will be with you every step of the way – guiding you through your journey and offering crucial feedback and support, using methods that have saved thousands of marriages.
You're Not Alone
See What Other Couples Have Said About The Marriage Place 
"I have learned the most incredible tools. I navigated a path from the ugliest heartbroken place I’ve ever been to one of peace and communication!"
“I live a great distance away and yet not once did that ever matter – the support, the guidance, the help was absolutely timeless and I am so, so grateful.”
"My husband came home and THANKED me for persevering through his stuff and cleaning up my side of the street. He seems so happy! I cannot thank you enough for making me stay the course. Let me know if I can be a reference for you with anyone. I want to help others."
"Sometimes when I think back to last August, my mind cannot fully comprehend the reality of the state of our marriage. It was broken and dying. Now I can say with total honesty that our relationship is alive and growing. It is full of open communication, honesty, trust, acceptance, commitment, passion, excitement, tenderness, and love."
"Just wanted to give you an update...we are doing a lot better! We are clicking and everything is moving forward. Still working on things. The train is moving. We just booked our vacation just the 2 of us to Mexico in April! Thank you so much for helping me through this!"
"At the beginning of all this, my only goal was to change his mind about ending our marriage but with your help, I’ve realized the only person I can change is myself. Thank you for that." 
"You helped me see my own faults and gave me the tools and encouragement I needed to make changes. You made me face reality. There were things about myself that I didn't want to believe. It was hard work. It was worth it. Thank you again."
"You showed me how to know the difference between loving someone and being infatuated. Now, I’m in a healthy, loving relationship. Think what I would have missed out on if we hadn’t done the work together? "
* All testimonials for The Marriage Place are cited anonymously to protect our client's privacy and reputation. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Meet Jessica,
Founder, CEO
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Does The Marriage Place serve my local area?
Great news - your location isn't an issue! Whether you are our neighbor or live half way across the world, we can help you do this important work. Our marriage coaches conduct their sessions using phone and video chat, allowing clients from all around the globe to attend sessions in private from the location of their choosing.
What are your fees for coaching?
We offer an introductory rate of $99 for our first session together only on this page. When you get started, we will be happy to go over fees with you!
We've tried marriage therapy before and it wasn't helpful. Why should we try again?
Truly, we understand because we’ve been there and done that and have had clients with similar experiences. The quick answer is you keep trying till you find something that works. Your relationship is too important to settle for less. At The Marriage Place, it is our passion and our mission to do everything we can to help you improve your relationship and your life.
What if I want to sign up for couples coaching but my partner does not?
Great question—sign up anyway! Let us show you how you can still save your marriage even if you are the only one who wants to stay married. We can teach you how to turn your partner’s attitude from “I’m done!” to “Let’s give this one more try.” Let us show you how.
Do you work with anyone besides couples?
Absolutely! We work with couples and individuals. The goal of therapy is always for you to feel better and to learn new tools to help you cope with whatever life brings.
Why marriage coaching? Shouldn't I be able to make things better on my own? 
No doubt you have already tried many ways to make things better. Coaching is like getting tools for your toolbox. If you wanted to build a house, you would need a whole set of various tools in your toolbox. These tools are acquired through our life experiences and what we have learned from others. But say one day you need to build an addition to your house. You realize you need a new tool that isn’t in your toolbox. Coaching can give you the new tools you need. Coaching can be a very effective way to add tools you need to cope with changes, stresses or difficulties life brings. No one’s toolbox comes completely equipped. There are times when we all can benefit from learning new skills. Even therapists go to therapy!
What if there has been an affair? Can therapy help then?
Absolutely! We won’t sugar coat this and tell you it will be easy, but it is possible to rebuild the foundation of the relationship and learn to trust each other again. An affair causes significant damage to the partner who was not unfaithful. There has to be a lot of damage control and repair work done before moving forward together. We suggest Shirley Glass’s book: NOT “Just Friends”: Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity.
Some friends of ours went to marriage therapy and got divorced! Can you guarantee we will get better not worse?
Therapy is expensive. That’s why we’re committed to keeping it focused. But think of it this way. The average cost for a divorce in the US is $15,000. Therapy is much cheaper! It is an investment in your future. But the greater question is how can you not justify spending money on therapy if it means having a healthy, vibrant marriage? People spend thousands of dollars on health clubs and diets and prescription meds for their other needs. Don’t let your emotional and mental health be less important. If you knew you would be happier, more fulfilled, and more connected after therapy wouldn’t you go for it? What’s stopping you? Call us at (972) 441-4432 and let’s talk about it.
Do you take insurance?
We do not take insurance. Similar to gym memberships and other services that promote your health and well being, coaching is a not a service that the medical insurance industry has chosen to cover. 
What if I have more questions?
You can always contact us privately by clicking on the Get Started button on this page. 

You can also reach us by phone at (972) 441-4432 if you prefer to speak with us directly.

Prefer to text? You can also send us a text message at (214) 431-5764 during normal business hours.
What's the difference between marriage counseling and coaching?
Great question! The main difference between them is that we offer relationship coaching to any location in the world. It is designed for a marriage you want to save but your spouse is ready to call it quits.  Our online marriage coaching program can work with you remotely to help you fight for your relationship the right way.

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