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Raise Your Love Bar

It is so tempting to compare our relationship to the images and stories we see on Facebook or in the movies.  The problem with this is most of what we…
January 31, 2020
New Year, New FocusMarriage

New Year, New Focus

How long is your New Year’s Resolution list? Confession time. I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions because they have never really worked for me. For instance, the…
January 9, 2020
Marshmallow in paper pocket closeup.Marshmellow on wooden background empty copy space.Sweets soft icon.KidsMarriage

Make Your Marriage Work

What the Marshmallow Test Says About Your Marriage Have you heard of the marshmallow test? It was designed by Columbia psychologist Walter Mischel to determine whether children who could delay…
November 8, 2019