How To Rescue Your Marriage

April 12, 2021

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KIM BOWEN is a licensed professional counselor who offers relationship therapy through her company, The Marriage Place. Her blogs and newsletters have been featured in various publications and she is the author of the book, The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook: A Couple’s Bible Study. She just relaunched her eBook Marriage Rescue: Triage Toolkit. Her mission is to help couples build stronger, healthier and happier relationships. She has been married to her husband, John, for 30 years. In this interview we discuss:

  • Her personal story and why she chose this work
  • Why women typically file for divorce more than men
  • Why Kim has a pro-marriage approach
  • How to separate kids and other marital stressors from the relationship
  • The Power of One theory
  • Tools to keep a marriage strong
  • How does one come to a decision on whether or not to end a marriage and what questions should one be asking themselves if they are stuck
  • Her relaunched eBook called The Marriage Rescue, Triage Toolkit
  • What Kims other offerings are
  • Blended family success stories
  • And much more!

How healthy is your marriage?

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