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Why Online Marriage Counseling

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The use of remote technology has grown exponentially and is now being used for everything from business meetings to online school to doctor’s appointments and counseling sessions. While The Marriage Place has offered online services for a number of years, we too, have seen a huge uptick in the number of clients electing to utilize online sessions for their work with us. After all, it is easier than ever to do and provides so key benefits making it the perfect option for many couples.
The Benefits of Online Marriage Counseling
Online counseling is not a new idea, but it has gained momentum over the past decade as people have become more comfortable with online communication platforms. Today, video conferencing is almost as common as e-mail, and the functionality of video-conferencing is user-friendly and effective. As younger generations join the population of married couples, this mode of counseling is sure to become even more common for these reasons:

Comfort: You can engage in online marriage counseling from the comfort of your own couch. If you want to wear your pajamas, that’s okay. You can have your counseling session without the discomfort of an unfamiliar place. In addition, many people are now more comfortable communicating online. Face-to-face interactions about a sensitive topic may feel out-of-place. Married couples have the potential to feel much more comfortable via online counseling.

Flexibility: A common barrier to receiving online counseling is getting to the counseling office. The internet opens the doors to marriage counseling accessibility. Typically, clients are screened and scheduled via phone or e-mail. They then proceed to video-conferencing on their own schedule. Not only that, but your counselor can also work from a home office, which makes scheduling available after hours.
Less Associated Costs: You don’t have to travel if you get online marriage counseling, which means you don’t have to spend money on fuel. You can see a counselor from the opposite side of the state without any additional burden. This makes online counseling more sustainable, so a client can truly reconcile his or her marital conflict without added stress.
Anonymity: Lastly, you can remain fairly anonymous if you get your marriage counseling online. You won’t be anonymous to your counselor, but nobody will see you coming or going from his or her office. The fear of the stigma of gossip can be removed from the counseling process.
Is Online Marriage Counseling For You? 
As stated previously, online marriage counseling is not for everyone. Sometimes removing yourself from your normal environment eliminates it as a distraction. Oftentimes, receiving counseling from your own home is the best place to get it. If you are interested in trying online marriage counseling, contact The Marriage Place. It could be your pathway to marital success.

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