Divorce SeasonDivorce Season?!

Baby, It’s Cold Inside!

Did you know more divorces are filed in the month of January than any other month of the year?

That’s because unhappy partners want to wait till after the holidays to break the news. They want to give their kids happy holiday memories before dropping the bomb they know will disrupt everyone’s lives.

The truth is there is never a good time to tell your kids you are getting a divorce.   I wish unhappy spouses would consider another option: divorce your unhappy marriage not your spouse!

If you are in a marriage that feels lonely or miserable, I know what you are thinking.

You are telling yourself that change is hopeless.

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That you have to divorce because you have been trying to get your spouse to understand you aren’t happy and nothing changes! Y

ou may believe you and your spouse are simply incompatible because this is just who he/she is and that it isn’t really fair to ask them to change just to make you happy.

But listen to me. People really can change.

Marriages really can improve and improve greatly.

I’ve seen it happen over and over.

I’ve seen wives who are critical and harsh with words learn how to approach their husbands with more respect.

I’ve seen husbands who were emotional bullies break down and cry in my office as they learned how their behavior has damaged their wives and they stopped the abuse entirely.

I’ve seen couples heal from affairs and sexual addiction.

I’ve witnessed life changing transformations so I’m telling you it is possible.

Isn’t it worth the effort to get help from experts who actually know what they are doing before you put your kids through the trauma of a divorce?

Don’t Let Divorce Season Claim You As A Statistic

Let us help you divorce your unhealthy marriage and rebuild a new one that is fulfilling and satisfying. Call us at 972-441-4432. We would love to work with you!


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