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Help! I Don’t Find My Wife Attractive

Couple showing affection

Married sex is a whole different ballgame…as if sex wasn’t complicated enough. Nothing makes a woman feel less feminine than hearing her husband doesn’t find her desirable any longer. In my practice, I’ve seen many men who begin therapy because they are worried about not being attracted to their wives any more. It is certainly a red flag but it usually doesn’t mean it is time for his wife to go on a diet or have plastic surgery.

There are many reasons why a man loses interest in sex. He may have low testosterone, which is actually common in middle age. He may be addicted to pornography, which can certainly cause problems in the marital bed. But mostly, I find men lose interest in their wives not because of how she looks…but how she makes him feel. Don’t be shocked. It’s true. Men have more than one sex organ! We know they are stimulated visually, but they also need to feel appreciated and respected. Men need to feel emotionally connected just like we do.

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